Friday, April 12, 2013

ALI - Ziugae (Eraser) MV

Lyrics and its translation for this song : CLICK HERE

I was aware with this song while I was watching her live performance on Music Bank few weeks ago.
Who is she? That was the first question I asked myself.
After listening to the song, I can't stop thinking about it. It gave me an impact. I decided to listen to this song over and over via Youtube...etc. Music Bank again and again.

After understanding the lyrics, I cried.
Eventhough the meaning of this song is to wish to forget the painful feeling of breaking up with your ex, currently I have the same feeling as the song.

Just one day, just one day, can’t I hurt for one day only?
Because that one day will be like hell to me
Just like those lovers who easily forget and love again
I want to be like that too

If only I can erase you with an eraser
I want to erase you a hundred times over
So no matter how much I try, it can’t be erased

I will endure it as long as I can endure it
Although it won’t be as easy as said
It feels like I will die while enduring

Well....those are the words that are clinging in my head till now....
I guess that's why I am so into this song, eventhough it has nothing to do with breaking up with someone...
I wished I can erase the things that I'm dying to forget....

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

*face palm*

I still can't forget the past. :(
Been quite unlucky recently~ not sure is my problem or what.

Am trying to be positive, but that can lead me to feel tired about the whole thing. Hopefully, next week is the one. :(

Sunday, February 24, 2013

The 15th

Chap goh mei aka the last day of CNY celebration for this year. Tomorrow will be back to normal. Time flies huh? I still remember tossing Yee Sang with family members before and during CNY.

Today marks the last day of CNY, meaning I have to say good bye to Yee Sang once again. My all-time-fav food of the year.

Glad to toss it one last time. But why am I so sad lol.
May all good wishes come true! Please be a good year. :)

Tuesday, February 19, 2013


After what we went through, plus the efforts that we put on.... Now we have to go through the WHOLE process again. Saying foul words won't make me feel better anyway.

Is sad to know that I have wasted a month for doing nothing basically.... :( is like I got cheated ... Sigh..... Please let me get one that I am comfortable with!!!!
Hopefully this time should be the right one....

Thursday, February 7, 2013

CNY coming soon

Being random lol....
Random or coincident? ... I got 2013 picarats in Professor Layton game.~ Year 2013. Hmmm...a good year perhaps? Till today I still can't solve all puzzles and the game IQ is sooooo insufficient for this.

Honey comb biscuit
Handmade by sister's colleague's father. Awesome! I love the star shape at the center of those biscuits. Feeling unique right? ^^ Besides CNY, mom and bro's birthdays are coming soon too.
Presents presents..... =( Gonna spend money again. *big sigh*

Soon, we gonna say good bye to Dragon year, and hello to Snake year.

I dunno why but Dragon year is the year that I am disliking. It was a messy year for me. I guess everyone had a tough year huh? Not just me ~ Hopefully, this coming year onward will be good....better....greater than last year.

Have a safe journey for those returning hometown.