Thursday, February 7, 2013

CNY coming soon

Being random lol....
Random or coincident? ... I got 2013 picarats in Professor Layton game.~ Year 2013. Hmmm...a good year perhaps? Till today I still can't solve all puzzles and the game IQ is sooooo insufficient for this.

Honey comb biscuit
Handmade by sister's colleague's father. Awesome! I love the star shape at the center of those biscuits. Feeling unique right? ^^ Besides CNY, mom and bro's birthdays are coming soon too.
Presents presents..... =( Gonna spend money again. *big sigh*

Soon, we gonna say good bye to Dragon year, and hello to Snake year.

I dunno why but Dragon year is the year that I am disliking. It was a messy year for me. I guess everyone had a tough year huh? Not just me ~ Hopefully, this coming year onward will be good....better....greater than last year.

Have a safe journey for those returning hometown.

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